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Optimise your bottom line by supporting your people to become the power producers you would like them to be, and to a level of achievement that leaves them feeling good about themselves.

The opposite of fatigue is high energy, enthusiasm and inspired effort. Why simply try to manage fatigue when you can shoot for the stars and develop a workforce that is more aligned with their potential, and their own personal desires for success and achievement.

The Wide Awake App delivers the education, strategies, tools and inspiration to support each and every one of your team members to take a huge step toward what is really possible for their life.

About Fatigue: A Major Challenge in Australian Workplaces

  • Leads to death on the roads
  • Leads to low productivity and poor work performance
  • Is recognised as a major contributor to workplace injury and death
  • Occurs in over 30% of employees.
  • Makes workers twice as likely to suffer presenteeism or absenteeism
  • Leads to presenteeism and absenteeism. Research shows that 10% of surveyed fatigued workers estimate a loss of 4 hours per week productive time.
  • Takes the Joy out of work.

Turn Fatigue into Energetic living for less than the cost of 30 minutes sick leave.

Wide Awake Delivers

The App based program clearly outlines the causes of fatigue, gives the employee a deep understanding of how fatigue manifests and teaches them how to easily and readily recognise the approaching signs of fatigue.
Wide Awake
is MORE THAN a Fatigue Prevention program, delivered directly to your employees, via their smartphones, without taking them off the job.

It teaches employees how to achieve high levels of personal energy, motivation and focus.

Additional Benefits

  • The program can be shared, by the employee, with family to increase support and adherence.
  • Caters to all learning styles
  • Empowers employees to recognise fatigue in co-workers and to be able to support them with corrective action.
  • Greatly enhances employee health, thus reducing the risk of sick days.
  • Delivered to your employees where they are. No Downtime required.
  • Contributes to a significant boost in workplace culture and reduces the incidence of presenteeism.
  • Built in Assessment so that you can measure your investment.

How it Works

Wide Awake App initially comprises 6 modules, each containing Audio Programs and reading materials. The audio files are between 2 and 10 minutes long, making them easy to tune into. The reading flies are also brief and easy to read.

The App delivers detailed yet simple to understand educational material. The employee can listen to it multiple times over if they wish. Some people like to hear something multiple times to really take it in.

All reading material has been written in such a way that they can be read within just a few minutes.

Assessment Built In:

As the employee completes each module, theya re invited to take a quiz to evaluate their learning. If they get a question wrong, they are then directed back to the relevant article or audio file for review purposes. If they wish, they can take the quiz one more time following the review.

At the end of each month, your company's designated representative receives and email telling them how many employees completed each assessment and what their average score was.

No personal results of individual employees are available to the employer.

Program Cost

Number of Employees Cost Per Employee
Individual Employee $8.99
Multiple Employees Price on Application
Note: All prices are exclusive of GST

Program Launch

If required, we can organise a Program Launch in your main workplace in the form of a Seminar Presentation by The Fatigue Professor, John Toomey. Please ask us about this.


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 “It is time to Wake up and STOP Fatigue in its Tracks to create a safer, more productive and energized workplace.”

A Moment of Inspiration - An idea born

Many years ago, in 1984, a wonderful man named Ranald Macdonald (pictured) said to me, "We need to create a workplace wellness program that goes into the workplace and through the back door into the family. I thought that was pure genius - but how?

Years later I created it. When you bring Wide Awake into your workplace, you will create a well-being ripple effect that will permeate families and communities. That would feel really good.

Next Steps...

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