Resilience & Workplace Mental Health Program

Build a Cooperative Culture of Happy, Thriving and Courageous People

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Stress and Mental Illness – A Major Risk Factor

 “The number one risk factor contributing to workplace mental health injury claims in Australia, at this time, is Incivility”. Peter Cotton – Prominent Organisational Psychologist

Stressed and Mentally Conflicted Workers:

  • Are less able to concentrate on tasks
  • Are often pre-occupied and distracted
  • May lose self-care and in doing so, lose care for others
  • Are often unmotivated
  • Are more likely to abuse alcohol and recreational drugs
  • Are more likely to be involved in or create conflict
  • Are more likely to miss shifts and take “sickies”
  • Can display tendencies for self-sabotaging behaviour
  • Can be prone to self-harm and potentially place others at risk
  • Will often be unproductive and may even retard the progress of others
“Unhappy, Depressed Workers may be a Danger to Your Business.”

To reduce Stress & Mental Health Challenges, our Program will:

  • Fully Engage your Workforce
  • Explore with participants the challenges brought about by modern living
  • Explore what makes human beings thrive and find happiness
  • Define the difference between wants and needs and look at what people really need to live a productive and fulfilling life.
  • Inspire a willingness to create change
  • Connect participants with a sense of purpose, a bigger mission in life
  • Connect them to the mission of the organisation to find greater value in work
  • Deliver reasonable, simple to use tools and tips that help to create a happy life
  • Inspire We attitudes to help a person focus on living for the benefit of others
  • Deliver genuine strategies for living a positive life with an attitude of kindness, generosity and compassion.
Did you know that the connection between gut and brain is extraordinary? Poor gut health leads to downward spiral, negative thinking.

Resilience & Mental Health Program

Introduction to the Seminar:

Who is responsible for my life? Me! That is Simple! But am I taking responsibility for my life? Now the question creates explanations and reasons.

A successful and resilient life can be lived by any person who’s willing to be personally responsibility, and be able to explore how they are viewing their life.

A problem viewed from one perspective can be a monumental hurdle. From another perspective, it is a fascinating and exciting challenge. Modern living has made many of us lazy, unwilling to see a problem as a challenge, as a potential adventure that may enrich our life.

The Aim of the Seminar:

To take people back a step from modern living and look at the nature of life, to explore different perspectives. What is the difference between the third world person who find happiness and contentment, tending a small garden plot to grow vegetables, and the modern-day Westerner who is dissatisfied whilst living in comfort and opulence? There are many answers in this exploration.

Seminar Description:

The seminar starts out with a look at human life and how it has changed over the past 200 years. It looks at the nature of life, survival and the role of struggle. It then explores the nature of challenges, good and bad, and clarifies the purpose of challenges and how to approach them. It then goes on to look at the importance of self-improvement and growth and where challenges fit into this important aspect of life.

We then look at the nature of emotions, particularly love and fear, and how the ego is developed. We address how the ego behaves and sustains itself and then look at what it takes to move beyond the ego and evolve.

The program then calls upon some old wisdom to create a path to happiness and a feeling of strong self-worth. This includes making positive contributions to family, workplace and community.

Finally, we link this to work and explore how each person contributes to the culture, and how to create a cooperative and cohesive working environment. We then go on to explore the benefits of building powerful, aligned teams.

This is a powerful and life changing seminar.

Who has Employed our Resilience Training?

  • Fulton Hogan
  • John Holland
  • Telstra
  • QBE
  • Medibank
  • ANZ
  • Fuji Xerox
  • Hunter Water
  • DBP
  • Thiess, Balfour, Beatty
  • Ruralco
  • Many Councils
  • Brambles
  • Vic Roads
  • Metricon
  • Visy
  • Parsons Brinkerhoff
  • Indigenous LC

Post Seminar Resources:

Following the presentation, employees receive a comprehensive email containing an extensive eBook, plus multiple helpful links to websites and online videos.


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