Fatigue Prevention Seminars

Education is the most powerful key we know of at this time to bring about positive change. How Fatigue Prevention Seminars are informative, fun, exciting, engaging and life changing. If you think that is over the top, perhaps you should sit in and experience your way to a more energetic life. It's time to Thrive!

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Resilience and Mental Wellbeing

What is it that creates Mental Health Issues? This area has become complex mostly because there is no physical ailment for us to see. Depression, Panic and Anxiety, the common Mental Health challenges in modern work forces are most likely to arise from a state of mind than some chemical problem in the body. Learning how to keep a grounded and optimistic view of the world is a major step toward mental stability. Further, learning how to help friends maintain this perspective helps workers to feel more useful and supportive. We can support each other to Thrive!

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Wide Awake

Wide Awake is a Comprehensive, Resource based Education Program that takes each worker on a journey to a high level of understanding and personal skill in the development of personal well-being, physical health, resilience, general wellness and an exceptional ability to prevent their own fatigue, feel enthusiastic and energetic and to become a master of their own personal health. The program, comprising 6 audio CD's and 12, four page mini magazines, can be shared with family and close friends. The program will soon be supported by a smart phone App.

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Preventing Fatigue


Several years ago when Fatigue was first identified as a risk factor for workplace injury, a fundamental error was made. Experts decided that fatigue was largely related to a lack of quality sleep.

Whilst this can be argued to be true, it is just one of many factors that can and do cause fatigue. However, significant attention has been placed on sleep and other vital factors have been ignored.

Coming from a strong background in High Performance Management in Elite Athletes, we understand fatigue and its many varied causes.

With a strong background in Education, we have the expertise and skills, to help even the most uneducated person to understand these vital factors that cause fatigue.

Further, we give them the simple steps they need to take to prevent these factors having an effect during their time at work.

With this understanding, and equipped with strategies, employees become more willing and enthusiastic about taking greater personal responsibility for their own self management.

You will find yourself with an Energised and Productive Workforce.

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